Ready or not, here HE comes! People get ready!

I must share this…

I cannot count how many times in a lifetime that the Lord uses music to speak to me. The very first time I can recall was when I was just a babe in Christ. I had been attacked by ” Christians”. I was so distraught and whaling in my car, alone. As I was crying to the Lord I heard ONE verse of a song come across the radio…” Young girl don’t cry, I’ll be right here when your world starts to fall” and then the song was over. The song is called ” The Voice Within ” by Christina Aguilera. In that moment, I KNEW Father was speaking to me. The timing was perfect. The perfect words were much needed in my angst.. My gosh, even after all these 17 years, it brings tears of love and appreciation to my eyes asI write this. Often times, it’s just a verse but sometimes it’s an entire song! Yes, He can and will use music or anything He wants and needs to, to reach us. Remember, He used a donkey??? How about a burning bush??? Fast forwarding to just last night…a dear Sister wrote a blog post about being ready for the return of Christ. As I began to comment, the song ” One Love/ People get Ready” by Bob Marley came on. PERFECT TIMING!!! As ALWAYS, ABBA delivers in PERFECT TIMING. So without further ado, a link to the blog post and song with lyrics.

As ALWAYS, all honor and glory to ABBA Yahweh and His Son, our Savior…Jesus Christ, Yahshua Ha Maschiach 💜

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