“Cut short”

Matthew 24:22 “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short”

All honor and glory to Abba Yahweh and Christ the Lord, Yahshua Ha Maschiach 💜

Take this message to the Lord in prayer, seeking wisdom and truth from Him.

I truly cannot count how many times I’ve been shown this very thing by the Lord. “Cut short”…In visions of the night, He reminds me that these times we are living in will be cut short, for the sake of the elect. Once again, I was shown this in the past week after prayer asking for Him to show me His will. This message is not only a message of hope for the weary elect but, a warning to all others. Get your lives in order. REPENT to the Lord NOW. Time is short! For we do not know if today is that day, let alone not promised tomorrow! So many things are happening around the world today and prophecy unfolding before our eyes. I know many believers in Christ do not see the times we are in nor think that our Lord is returning soon. Think NOT! This is not a message of fear but warning, wakefulness, and preparation. This will not be a tickling of the ear message, for the Lord does not approve of that. The truth, is all He wants spoken and shared. When I began posting His messages so many years ago, He said to me ” It doesn’t matter if they like it or not, say it anyway”. He is TRUTH. The truth isn’t always pleasant but He will never lie to you. The truth gives life and is light where lies are of darkness and lead to death. Each one who hears His messages of truth has a choice to act upon or ignore them. As a messenger of God, I give these messages out of love and obedience for Him and Him alone. As He has shown me on numerous occasions, the time is cut short for the elect. During these visions, I’m shown a great earthquake and stars falling from the sky. In one of those visions, I saw the stars shaking violently and begin to rain down…I heard “It’s time”. In another vision, I was leaving the scene and told to look at the stars.. Again, they were raining down.

I said, “ABBA!” for I knew it was Him. Look up, your redemption draws near! The 6th seal is the Day of the Lord. We are FAST approaching that fateful day and He will cut time short. I was led to these scriptures:

Matthew 24:29-31

Revelation 6:12-17

Pray without ceasing. Seek the Lord daily with a humble and contrite heart. Ask Him what His will is for you. We all have our own crosses to bare. Get your houses in order, that is, your spiritual houses. The day of the Lord is upon us all. Please take heed, seek Him diligently and HANG ON TIGHT!

4 thoughts on ““Cut short”

  1. I love your messages. I was wondering why you haven’t wrote in a while. I was hoping that you were okay. God bless you as you keep proclaiming the truth! His return is coming soon! Amen!


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